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Rob Swanson: pics and images

"The Tony Smith Musical Explosion" live in Miami! L to R - Wayne Morgan, George Parakis, Alfie Pollit, Barbara Yates, WIll Smith, Tony Smith....Bienvenito a Miami!
Terra Soul!
Jon, Jimmy, and Me at House of Blues in NOLA!
Cartoon Christmas Trio!
Live in the summertime! ….photo Stan Sadowski
Oscar Party at the Colonial Theater with special guest Cliff Hillis!
On the Jumbo-Tron with the Klingons @ the park...and I didn't get tazered!
Terra Soul v 2.3 with Butch Reed, Anibal Rojas, me, and Jon Pruitt
The Terra Soul Trio version at Andrea Clearfield's Salon.
LIVE at the CLIFFORD BROWN Jazz Festival!
Greg Riley, Jimmy Coleman (drums) and Me playing at Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base
Live at the Phillies know the one where they came back from 7 down to beat the Dodgers!
Quintet Live!
Bucks Jazz Festival with SIORA!
Yes folks, 2 lefty bass players who are actually right handed! (Steve Varner - he's a BEAST of a player - check him out!)
The Klingons play at the Carl Orff Stage in Munich Germany - from Left, Dave Posmontier - keys, Bob Butryn - clarinet, Stan Slotter - trumpet, Tom Cohen - drums, me, and Jack Kessler's shadow way right.......vocals.
Siora at Suburban Square- photo Stan Sadowski
WCU Jazz Festival featuring Jimmy C, Q, and Greg Riley. (photo; Gene Bollman)
Swinging with Steve Giordano (g) and Tony Deangelis (d)
Live from Turks Head Music Festival  (photo; John Fifer)
LIVE at CLIFFORD BROWN....what a great night!